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Minnesota Strike 2022 Leadership Update

Updated: Apr 9

After co-founding the team in 2019 with Eva Maxson, Änna Hagstrom will be moving on from a leadership role with Minnesota Strike.

Änna has been Director of Operations for Minnesota Strike the last two and a half years, and in that time has led Minnesota Strike in its founding, inaugural season, brand-building, and community and corporate partnerships. She has spearheaded several community engagement programs, including the Minnesota Strike Mentorship Program, and Racial Justice Speaker Series in collaboration with Minnesota Ultimate. Strike Co-Founder Eva Maxson stated that “Änna has been integral to the success of Minnesota Strike thus far and we are grateful for her leadership and constant drive to see Strike succeed.” Reflecting upon the work of founding Minnesota Strike, Änna noted “I’m extremely proud of what Minnesota Strike has become, from the shared vision of Eva and I to a reality. The last 2.5 years have brought more challenges than I could have imagined, including a pandemic that canceled our inaugural season, and my only disappointment is that I didn’t get to take the field with the team. I am confident in the new owners and in our staff to continue to carry the team forward, and hope to see Strike continue for years to come.”

Strike is welcoming a new ownership group consisting of Eva Maxson, co-founder of the team, Leslie Boey, Operations Manager, and Holly Denecour, a member of the 2022 coaching staff.

Minnesota Strike looks forward to a successful season with the support of its fans, partners, community, and the Premier Ultimate League in 2022.



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