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Minnesota Strike is a Minnesota non-profit organization

and relies on the generosity and support of our community and sponsors.


Your contribution through game tickets, merchandise, and donations supports Women's Pro Ultimate in Minnesota, creates opportunities for women and gender-expansive athletes to compete at the highest level, and helps showcase our athletes as role models for the next generation.

Make A Donation

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Make a donation to the Minnesota Strike! We couldn't do this without our community support, and every dollar truly makes a difference to our team. Thanks so much for your generosity!


Become a Business Sponsor for Minnesota Strike! Contact our Sponsorships Coordinator, Chris Lovagnini, for more information.

Sponsor the Strike


With our first season cancelled by COVID-19, our community showed up to get our first year on the field going. THANK YOU to the 130 supporters who contributed to our 4Giving Fundraiser in 2022!


THANK YOU to all who donated during our 2020 Inaugural Season Fundraising Campaign!

Alex Kraft, Alyson Sato, Alyx Averkamp, Andrew Lawrence, Andrew Pipp, Anonymous, Anthony Michaelson, Bea Melby, Brett Sullivan, Brianna Andrighetti, Brittany Faust, Brock Stevens, Anonymous, Carl Kopeke, Carlos Lopez, Cathryn Zielske, Charles Didek, Chauncey Keepers, Chris VanBergen, Christopher Lovagnini, Cody Rondeau, Courtney Kiesow, Anonymous, Daniel Bates, David Gregg, David & Stacey Klink, Davin Haukebo-Bol, Derek Anderson, Elijah Grow-Hanson, Elizabeth Bixler, Elizabeth Byrne, Elizabeth Mosier, Ellie Sjordal, Emily Stege, Emily Yang, Eric Larson, Eric Renz, Erick Knudson, Erin Hilton, Evelyn Wagner, Josie Wagner, Fabiola Lopez, Finn Oesterreich, Max Oesterreich, Frieda Manthei, Anonymous, Graham Sutherland, Hannah Stephan, Anonymous, Jacob Salzman, Anonymous, James Hron, Jamie Johnson, Anonymous, Anonymous, Jeff Melby, Jessica Nelson, Jim Pavek, Anonymous, John Groess, Jonathan Lovagnini, Joseph Miller, Josh Mattson, Josh Miller, Joshua Klane, Judy Miller, Julia Barton, Anonymous, Anonymous, Katelin Goebel, Anonymous, Kelsey Percy, Anonymous, Kevin Flynn, Kris Lyons, Kristina Smitten, Anonymous, Anonymous, Kyle Nelson, Lauren Fleming, Leslie Boey, Lindsay Trosvig, Lizbeth Hansen, Louie Bertoncin, Macy Vollbrecht, Mara Stephan, Mariah Wilberg, Marite Olmstead, Mark Bayuk, Mark Larson, Anonymous, Matthew Lingam, Maureen Armstrong, Megan Fatheree, Melissa Lynn, Melissa Lo & Sam Pepe, Melt Ultimate Team, Meredith Johnson, Michael Garcia, Anonymous, Mimi Klane, Missy Davey, Molly Arnason, Nick Giles, Patricia York, Patrick Cashman, Anonymous, Peter Maxson, Anonymous, Anonymous, Rebecca Kline, Rick Daley, Ross Screaton, Ruth Maxson, Ryan Welch, Santiago Escobar, Anonymous, Sarah Edwards, Sean Prichard, Anonymous, Anonymous, Sonja Burseth, Anonymous, Steve Travers, Summer Jackson, Susan Stephan, Tanner Jurek, Tanya Natwick, Anonymous, Taylor Cousins, Terrence Gaynor, Thibaut Libbrecht, Anonymous, Tiffany Lui, Tonya Miller, Trish Nguyen, University of Minnesota Grey Duck


THANK YOU to those who became Individual Sponsors in 2020. We are grateful for your support!

Bridget Kane - Christine Dosch - Dan Monfre - Irene Greene - Jessica & Matt Denecour - Tess, Bryce, Tom & Kat

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