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2022 Strike Tryout Recap

Updated: Apr 6

A pool of 77 athletes registered for Strike tryouts, with 54 attending the first tryout date in person. The second tryout is upcoming on January 8.

Photo: ©2022 Steve Kotvis, f/go (


Looking in on the atmosphere in the dome, you never would have known that overnight temps dropped to -20 in Minnesota the night before the first tryout for the 2022 Minnesota Strike roster on January 2nd. Upon arrival, participants came bubbling with excited energy, enthusiastic to play – some for the first time in months. The athletes represented a total of six states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, and Missouri.

Following welcome messages from Strike Operations Manager Leslie Boey and Coach Carlos Lopez, players warmed up and were split into four teams, which they stayed with the entirety of the day. As the afternoon went on, players had a chance to get to know their teammates and were better able to support each other on the sidelines during the scrimmages. Some groups even made up team names and sideline cheers.

Through drills, 3v3, and full field scrimmages, players sought to showcase their skills through clean offenses, sharp throws, impressive layouts, accurate hucks, and huge Ds. The high-level talent demonstrated by the participants will make the tryout evaluation committee’s job a difficult one.

PHOTO: ©2022 Steve Kotvis, f/go (



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