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#00 Alicia Carr

#02 Stephanie Wood

#03 Makella Daley

#05 Steph Rupp

#06 Carly Eckstrom

#07 Danielle Byers

#08 Sowmya Ragothaman (Practice Player)

#09 Sara Helm

#10 Jane Koch

#11 Rachel Johnson

#13 Maggie Peck (Practice Player)

#14 Jess Henderickson (Practice Player)

#15 Katie Godfrey (Practice Player)

#16 Kalli Poletto

#17 Adrienne Baker

#19 Sadie Reding

#21 Sarah Mondschein

#25 Gerene Taylor

#28 Emma Peaslee

#30 Louise Beck (Practice Player)

#33 Kayla Blanek

#37 Nariah-Belle Sims

#44 Sarah Meckstroth

#49 Robyn Fennig

#53 Emma Piorier (Practice Player)

#55 Courtney Walbe

#61 Megan Randall


Pat Niles

Pat has been playing Ultimate for over 20 years, primarily in the mixed division. His playing experience includes 2 WFDF Club Championships with CLX (2010) and Drag'n Thrust (2014), 3 USAU National Championships with Drag'n Thrust (2013-15), and a USAU Masters Championship with Surly (2018). Pat also has experience coaching, both at the high school and college level, including for Wisconsin-Eau Claire SOL, Minnesota Matrix (formerly Ninjas), and Great River Stars. He is very excited to be joining the MN Strike program and coaching team. Outside of Ultimate, Pat works as a mechanical engineer and finds enjoyment mountain biking and playing board games.

Carlos Lopez

Carlos has been playing Ultimate since 2007 and started his coaching career in 2011. He has played and coached at the high school, YCC, and D-1 College levels, making nationals in those divisions as both a player and a coach. He was named the 2019 MN High School Coach of the Year,  the 2019 Ultiworld College Coach of the Year Runner Up, and the 2022 Mixed Coach of the Year Runner Up. He is currently coaching Drag'n Thrust in the Mixed Club Division and was recently a Selection Assistant for the U24 Team USA Mixed team. When he isn't working as a mechanical engineer or thinking about Ultimate, you can find him at a dog park with his dog, Yogi.

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